So You Think You Can Sew

This isn’t how I meant to return to this blog. I was going to start it with something clever and fun! Instead, we’re starting here, at the beginning of what is hopefully a new hobby that will stick.


Isn’t she lovely? (Ignore that it’s “Brother”-branded. It’s a she. Even if I name it George. I don’t think I’ll name it George, but I might.) With the help from one of my lovely buddies Rebecca and armed with the most excellent Love at First Stitch, which has some truly lovely patterns for the clueless beginner like me who fancies herself with a hint of vintage fashion and some very nice, clear instructions with minimal instructions. (Check out the blog! It’s fantastic, and I’m obsessed.)

Now, I’m the sort who gets impatient and loves to jump into things, expecting to be a secret prodigy, ignoring basics and baby steps, and getting frustrated when I’m not perfect right off the bat. This is one really useful skill that I never bothered to learn when I was younger no matter how many times my mother tried to teach me, so I’ll do it the right way. It’s also one of those lovely hobbies that you can walk away with a physical result to help motivate me along the way to keep getting better. Plus, how could you not find this satisfying?ffzdbkwirhurag4

Today, I’ve achieved greatness and immortality in the form of a fun little headscarf (the Bridgette) which I haven’t taken a picture of because it’s all the way in another room, and I’m comfortable where I am, and in these slightly imperfect and over-sized but totally fun pajama bottoms


Yes, I found medical-related print because I’m a huge nerd and apparently can’t miss a chance to mention that I work in health care. (Also, whoever belongs to this EKG is pretty much dead or getting there, right? That is not normal sinus rhythm.) It needs some resizing and reinforcing, but the material is fantastic and the pattern simple and fun, so they’ll always have a special place in my heart.

You never forget your first, I guess, do you?


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