Yes, that’s me, wearing an N95 mask with a drawing of a tiara. It was a long day.

I’m an clinical research nurse (after doing my time in the OR and neuro ICU), hold a very lucrative and totally useful English degree, and am a fun bag of various social awkwardness, anxiety and attention problems, and I compensate all of this with an obsessive love of movies, TV and general geekery. I think I’m funny and am not as good at grammar as I like to believe.

Expect this wee, humble blog to be filled with random musings and whinings, nurse stories (usually about what people stuck up their butts for some reason), reviews of whatever pop culture I’m consuming now (e.g. movies, TV, podcasts, WESTWORLD), and the tumblry things that make me laugh. I hope you enjoy your stay.

Insert some silly pun about having my finger on the pulse of… something. In all honesty, it’s really mostly all just silly puns.


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